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Christian Education Programs
Children and Youth

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Growing a Godly people . . .
tending the garden

"We promise to tell these children the good news of the gospel, to help them know all that Christ commands, to surround them with our love, and by our fellowship to strengthen their ties with the household of God."

    - Congregational Vow in the
          Sacrament of Baptism
The Christian Education program at the Church of the Covenant is a cooperative program where families, who carry the primary responsibility for the Christian Education of children and youth, join their talents with Christian Educators and the entire congregation to create a community where people of all ages can realize and receive God's love, and have the promises of their baptism fulfilled.

Program Ages/Grades
Creche Birth through Two
3-4 Year Olds Ages Three and Four
Worship Center Kindergarten through Second Grade
Grades Third through Sixth Third through Sixth Grade
Youth Programs Seventh through Eighth Grade
Youth Programs Ninth through Twelfth Grade
Special Programs All Ages
Special Worship Programs All Ages
Music Programs All Ages


Children ages two and under are cared for and nurtured in the Christian faith in the Creche on the lower level of the education building. Church school classes run from 10:00 a.m. through 12:30 p.m. (for those attending adult seminars). The creche services are available earlier for those needing them. The Sunday morning program for toddlers is lightly structured with stories, music, arts and crafts, and lots of play time.

Three and Four Year Olds

The Covenant People curriculum begins with this age group. Weave courses give children the chance to begin learning about the bible and spiritual practices. Teaching sessions are organized around the church year and cover themes such as the Covenant Community, Abraham and Sarah, God Sends Jesus, The Lord's Prayer. Weekly take-home leaflets invite parents to participate in their children's Christian Education. The three and four year old class, located on the upper level of the educational building, runs from 10:00 to 12:30 p.m. (for those parents participating in adult seminars). Children remain in the care of the primary teacher throughout the morning.

Worship Center - Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Children in grades Kindergarten through Second will begin their worship in the sanctuary with their parents or in a designated pew. They will leave midway to continue their worship in the Worship Center in Yost Chapel. The "Children in Worship" program helps young children to learn about God in a worship, rather than classroom environment. The stories of God are told in a sensorimotor style, and young children are invited to respond to the stories using all of their senses. The worship time is programmed according to the order of worship used at the Church of the Covenant and in other Reformed churches and follows the calendar year.

3rd Grade through 6th Grade

Children in grades third through sixth come to Worship with their parents on Sunday mornings. (A special Christian Education pew will be available for those needing it.) During the sermon time, students leave for their Sunday School.

Third and Fourth Grade:

Students go to the Education Wing for the Sunday class. Weave Courses integrate the study of the Bible with Worship practices, Mission, and Spiritual and Leadership development in a variety of approaches relevant to the child's life.

Fifth and Sixth Grade:

Covenant People has a special curriculum for this age group, an exciting two-year Survey course of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures intended to give the students a thorough biblical overview. This year begins with the study of Hebrew Scripture.

Church Center

"and by our fellowship to strengthen their ties with the household of God...."

Beginning this year we have an exciting new program that, combined with the music programs, will enable our children grades K-6 to actively become involved in mission and stewardship oppotunities, to meet and interact with many members of the congregation including the Pastors, and to engage in special interactive Christian learning experiences using our new computer resources. Following Sunday School, classes will have a brief snack time. Grades K-2 will have Chapel choir followed by the Church Center experience. The older children (3-5) will bgin with the Church Center followed by Psalter choir at 12:00.

Children in 6th grade may choose to either participate in the Church Center and Psalter choir, or they may join the Younger Youth in the Youth Lounge. They must make a commitment to their choice for a half year.

The Church center will rotate a variety of engaging activities. Twice a month, different members of the congregation, including the Pastors, will share their faith and work or hobbies with the kids in a special activity. Once a month children will be involved in a hands-on mission or stewardship activity. Once a month they will have the opportunity to work interactively with the special programs set up by our computer resources committee.

Younger Youth

The younger youth class consists of grades 7-8. Sixth graders may also opt to participate in this class instead of in the Church Center and Choir program (above). The Covenant People Curriculum for Youth follows the same format of weave courses integrating many aspects of Christian Discipline. The courses raise issues for discussion that are of particular relevance for today's youth. Another focus of the class is to build a sense of fellowship and church community.

Senior High Youth

Our Senior youth programs are for students grades 9-12. The Curriculum for this group will be drawn from the new Covenant People weave courses. The group will also discuss social and justice issues that are relevant to them, and spend time organizing stewardship activities together.

Youth Fellowship and Service

  • Social
      Youth also plan social activities which take place throughout the year. These include lockins, retreats, and a variety of fun outings. Youth hold fundraising events to help defray the cost of a summer mission trip which the youth can participate in over a week's time during the summer.
  • Youth Group
      This year we plan to organize Youth Groups for Junior and Senoir High. The Groups will meet bi-monthly and give youth the opportunity for fellowship as they grow in their faith.
  • Worship
      Youth will be encouraged to actively participate in Sunday morning worhip, taking on rolls such as Ushers and Greeters and Lay Worship Leaders.
  • Confirmation
      Along with the Sunday Morning classes, Youth in grades 9-10 may participate in a special confirmation program designed to explore their faith and to address whether they fell ready to confirm the commitment made by their parents at baptism. The program combines tice monthly meetings with individual mentors and monthly group meetings.

Special Programs

The Christian Education Committee offers a number of special programs during the church school year.
  • World Communion Sunday
  • Advent and Christmas
  • Youth Recognition Luncheon

Special Worship Services

Several times during the year, children and youth take a leadership role in the Worship Service. We believe supporting these special services is important for a number of reasons:
  • Children and Youth learn to appreciate the worship experience as they actively participate in it.
  • Children and Youth have unique gifts and insights which enrich the congregation as a whole.
  • Pageant
      The Pageant is a re-enactment of Jesus' birth narrative. There are roles for ages four through adult. The music ensembles also sing. Rehearsals for the pageant occur during the fall morning worship time, as well as Saturdays prior to the service itself.
  • Youth Sunday
      Youth Sunday is a time when Children and Youth minister to the congregation. This year, we will build the service around the theme of Growing a Godly people. Children and Youth ages ages 4 to adult will prepare for their Youth Sunday roles during spring class hours. There is also a critical Saturday rehearsal the week before.
  • Summer Work Camp/Travel Seminar

Music Programs

The music programs are an important part of our Christian Education Curriculum. In the various music ensembles, children and youth enrich their worship experience by sharing their time and talents with the rest of the church family. Through group singing, they enjoy fellowship with one another and learn about the importance of working together, while they begin to develop their knowledge of biblical themes, sacred music, and the joy of singing to God.

Music Groups/Ensembles:

  • Chapel Choir
      This choir is for grades kindergarten through second grade. It meets in the Kindergarten room of the education wing from 11:30 to 12:30, following the Worship Center (the second half of the hour is devoted to crafts projects let by church volunteers).
  • Psalter Choir
      This choir is for grades third through sixth. The group meets upstairs in the choir room from 12:00 to 12:30, following their Sunday School.
  • Guitar Ensemble
      This music group is for grades sixth through adult. The group meets every other Sunday in the Youth Lounge, from 12:30-1:30. Basic guitar is taught during the first several rehearsals in the fall, and no prior experience is necessary. The church does have some guitars for those youth who need them.
Each of the music ensembles participates regularly in worship as well as performing for some special events.

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